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With over 100 years of collective business experience, we are a team of brokers, consultants, appraisers, advisers and professionals in the Charlotte area, qualified to bring a unique approach to handling the many needs of our business and property clients regardless of their size or concerns. We are The CBA Group and we stand ready to help you when it comes to selling or buying a business including many other ancillary services that may be needed in the transfer of a business.

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Our Team:

Picture Michael Norman

Michael is our Managing Director and he brings over fourteen years of business brokerage experience to the group and a combined 43 years of business experience. In addition to handling several multi-million dollar deals, his experience comes from owning several businesses himself and serving in an executive management capacity of several organizations. He is a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser and a Senior Business Analyst with the Society of Business Analyst.

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Picture Paul Fackler

Paul’s previous experience is in legal research consulting specializing in the small law firm market.  He also has several years of portfolio management experience doing data analysis and stock selection with healthcare and telecommunication corporations.  With his finance and entrepreneurship background, he is passionate about small businesses and committed to helping aspiring business owners or those ready to move on to the next venture. 

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Picture Steve Duke

Steve has a diverse background with over 30 years of leadership experience in nearly all aspects of business, from engineering, product and business development, program management to general management.  His experience spans Fortune 500 corporations as well as entrepreneurial endeavors, including small business ownership.  Although Steve’s time in the corporate world was successful and rewarding, his time as an entrepreneur was where he developed a keen sense for its challenges and opportunities. Steve has developed comprehensive strategic plans, negotiated alliances, helped businesses succeed and looks forward to helping our clients do the same.  

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Picture William Frazier

William has twenty-five years of business development sales experience. He was previously a Senior Business Analyst and Founder of Wmjames & Associates, an agency providing business development consultancy services. As a proactive change agent and strong relationship manager, William has the innate ability to transform an organization's sales operation into a model for all to follow. Most importantly, he has created and delivered high-value and concise presentations, covering numerous platforms. Throughout his career, William has met or exceeded established sales goals by consistently executing sales strategies.

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Picture Emily Wilson

Emily is a dedicated outgoing professional who offers highly effective solutions to Business and Commercial Real Estate Sales and Marketing.  As a Stryde/GMG Advisor, she offers our clientele a multitude of tax advantages, refunds, and savings that optimize profitability for the Seller and the Buyer.  

As a native of Charlotte and a part-time resident of Florida's Gulf Coast, Emily has over 30 years combined Real Estate and relative business experience throughout the Southeast.

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Picture Vanessa Keeler, JD

Vanessa brings unique value and perspective to The CBA Group, as a broker and business owner. She has over 10 years of experience in consulting business owners and guiding potential buyers, and now serves as our Director of Research, working with IT, Marketing, and Finance to provide better client experiences. 

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Picture Howard Kaplan, MBA

Howard began his career in sales and marketing rising rapidly from direct sales to leading a group of regional sales offices for Vector Marketing, the marketing arm for Cutco. He took his multi-unit retail/service operations experience to a larger scale with several different brands including HCX Salons International, Quizno’s, Sea Tow Services International, and Marinemax. Howard is an active real estate broker, developer, and investor helping business owners address all their commercial real estate needs.

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Picture Michael Pfeffer

Michael is a Certified Business Appraiser with over 30 years of Business Ownership and Management experience in retail, real estate, financial services, and accounting.  Michael earned his MBA in Finance at the University of Iowa. Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the Business Industry evidenced by his certifications as a Senior Business Analyst and a Board Certified Intermediary. In addition to these illustrious certifications Michael is also a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. Pfeffer Business Services, LLC.

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Picture Jeffrey Hubbard

Jeffrey brings both troubleshooting skills and tech know-how to the team, and helps run anything from day to day operations to assisting in large tasks. As the owner of his own business, he understands business on the day to day, and on a broader financial level. Jeffrey is currently training to be a front end site developer and object oriented programmer, and plans to continue his learning on these subjects with us and college.

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