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7 Reasons to Hire a College Student
May 2017

7 Reasons to Hire a College Student

By The CBA Group

If you are looking to hire new employees, you have probably posted your job openings on your company website, to online job boards, and perhaps even listed them in the local newspaper or other publications.  You are probably marketing most of these openings to those in the workforce with experience or who have degrees.  However, for entry level positions or jobs that don’t require much experience, you may be overlooking one key demographic: college students.

Why would you hire college students when trying to grow your business?  Here are a number of reasons why these young people may be perfect for your business.

1. They Are Eager to Gain Experience

College students know that competition for jobs is fierce, especially for those with little to no work experience. They also know that the education they receive may prepare them for their job duties, but won’t necessarily prepare them for working in an actual office. That’s why many are eager to gain real-world work experience. They know that any work done in their chosen industry will give them an edge when competing for jobs after they graduate.

2. They Are Blank Slates

One issue some employers have when hiring people who have been working for years is that these new employees are already very set in their ways.  They may not respond well to being asked to do things differently or to learn new processes.  College students, however, often have little to no experience or preconceived notions about how to do certain tasks.  You are free to train them in whatever way you want without any conflicts or resistance.  College students are an easy way to hire new employees who are going to do the job the way you train them to do it.

3. It Can Be a Trial Run for a Permanent Position

Many college students accept entry level positions while working on their degrees with the plan to seek other jobs once they graduate.  Most employers know that the administrative assistants, filing clerks, and secretaries they hire who are in college will leave after they have their degrees in hand.  But if they will be seeking employment in your industry, you can use this time as a trial run.  If you see that a student has a good work ethic and fits in well with your office, you can offer them a promotion and permanent employment when they graduate knowing that you’re hiring a great employee who is already familiar with your office culture rather than taking a gamble on someone new.

4. They Understand New Technology

Today’s college students were raised on the internet.  They understand new technology in ways that older employees may never grasp.  If you’re in need of someone who can quickly and effortlessly handle basic computer tasks, social media marketing, or even introductory graphic design, a college student may be perfect. 

5. Despite What You Think, Their Schedules May Be More Flexible

Many employers rule out hiring college students because they don’t want to work about class schedules, but college students often have more flexible schedules than older employees.  That’s because they often aren’t married, nor do they have children.  They may need off certain times to attend class, but many also don’t mind working in the evening, at night, or even on the weekends.  Some may even be willing to work extended hours or cover the office during times when most of the other employees want off or are needed elsewhere.

6. They Are Innovative

Another advantage to hiring college students who have no preconceived notions about the industry is that they may see things from a different angle.  They might see a process or project in a way that seasoned employees won’t simply because they don’t know the traditional ways of doing things.  Yes, sometimes this leads them to making suggestions that won’t work, but other times, their ideas may actually result in a more efficient way of doing something.  If you hire college students, be sure to let them know that they can speak up and voice their opinions.

This can also be very helpful in marketing, especially if your company makes products or offers services that are aimed at younger adults.  College students can react to marketing materials and help better hone them so that they catch the attention of their peers.

7. They Do Not Yet Suffer from Burn Out

Even the most motivated and passionate employees are going to feel burned out from time to time.  A vacation or new projects can, hopefully, help them feel reinvigorated, but for those who have been working for 30 or 40 years, the burn out may be permanent.  College students don’t feel this way—many are very excited to be working in the industry they are passionate about and have the drive to succeed.  Take advantage of this enthusiasm by letting your young hires work on projects under the supervision of more seasoned employees.  They may even be able to help those who are feeling burnt rediscover their love for the job.

These are just seven benefits to hiring college students.  If you have entry level positions, seasonal work, or basic part-time jobs that you have had difficulty filling, look to your local colleges and universities.  You may not only find someone to do the work while they attend class, but you may also find a great future employee who will remain with your company for years.


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