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What the Federal Reserve Rate Cut Means for You
Aug 2019

What the Federal Reserve Rate Cut Means for You

By webmaster

On July 31, 2019 the Federal Reserve announced that it will be cutting its rate by .25%. This means that SBA Loans will be at a maximum, 8% interest for new and current loans!


The Federal Reserve Board came to this conclusion to lower the rate after meeting in June where they monitored the economic growth of the market. It was seen that the rate of economic growth has been steadily increasing, the amount of jobs in the economy have been increasing and unemployment has stayed low. 


What does this mean for you? As someone looking to open a franchise or as someone who currently has an outstanding SBA Loan, this is the largest rate cut since 2008! 


For any of us not on Wall Street, this means better opportunities to start a new business or open a new franchise! Now is a perfect time to start your dream business, with a maximum of only 8% interest on an SBA loan, your interest rate can be lower than many vehicle loans currently available.


If you are worried about the SBA Loan process, or the SBA down payment, we can help! We have on site consultants that can help you along the SBA Loan process and get you ready for success.


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