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Business Sales Performance Planning to Increase Revenue

As a growing business, How do you get your sales team to generate the greatest amount of revenue, consistently, year after year? Most sales manag...

Business Branding
Jun 2018
By webmaster

  You’ve worked hard to build your business over the years and in the process you have created partnership with other businesses and organ...

Who Should You Use to Sell Your Business?
Apr 2018

While there are many choices that might answer this question, the two most prominent answers are either a Realtor or a Business Broker. I would like to point out a couple of the major differences to help you make a solid decision.

Question: What's My Business Worth?
Mar 2018

Different experts will give you different answers. None of them is wrong. What your privately-held business is "worth" depends on why they are doing your evaluation and how they are approaching the exercise. Continue reading to learn more about how...

7 Reasons to Hire a College Student
May 2017

If you are looking to hire new employees, you have probably posted your job openings on your company website, to online job boards, and perhaps even l...

The Selling Process (Part II): Due Diligence

You’ve Gotten an Offer on Your Business, now what?  The Negotiation  Now is the time the Buyer and Seller hash out what they want. The Broker’s purpose in this process is to convey information between the parties and to advise...

Selling a Business: The Listing Process
Apr 2014

Selling a Business seems like a complex problem but in reality it is not. The first step is to decide on how you want to market the Business. Do you want to handle every inquiry from every Buyer? Do want to have to answer all their questions? Do you...

2014: Year to Sell Your Business
Mar 2014

2014 may be the year to sell your Business? Why? The overall economy is growing and improving.  The Economy has been on the rebound and finally confidence has returned to the Marketplace. The Federal Reserve has determined the Market is ...

Financing Your Business Part 3
Dec 2013

Commercial One method of financing your business is through Commercial Lending. Commercial Lending is simply Bank lending. This form of financing is typically used by established Businesses with a solid financial history of at least 2-3 years. If yo...

Financing Your Business Part 2
Dec 2013

Financing Your Business: SBA There are many loan programs through the SBA, but this article will focus on the most useful in acquiring a Business, the SBA 7(a) loan. This loan can also be used for real estate, equipment and capital needs. In financ...

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